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2002 symposium audio/video

*** Reply directly to me, kk5do@amsat.org not the list. I prefer not having a 
long drawn out thread on this. I will post the results in about a week ***

As most of you know, for the past 3 years, I have provided the auidio of the 
symposium on my website for those that have been unable to attend. With thanks 
to Eric, WB1HBU, for helping.

Now, my question is...

If we provided a CDROM of the audio that you could purchase through AMSAT, how 
many of you would be interested in purchasing it? The estimated price would be 
$10 or $15 including shipping.

Second, would anyone be interested in purchasing a video of the proceedings if 
we recorded it digitally and then made a CDROM of the proceedings? This might 
be 2 CDROMS because it is 16 hours of data. The cost of this might be $35-$50 
including shipping. 

So...what do you think? Is anyone interested or should we just provide the 
audio on my website and you listen when you want.


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