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Squint Angle, Height, what else?

I am surprise with the AO-40 varying performance.
Before I am informed about Squint angle.
But what I learned is not always true:

1. On Orbit#814, worked W0LMD at Squint  1 degree, MA-110, Height 57,000KM,
25 minutes QSO with Strong and very good signal.
2. On Orbit#815, worked VK1VI at Squint 53.6 MA-229, Height 25,000KM. In
fact I can still hear the Beacon very strong even at the larger Squint (but
no one QRV, probably still sleeping).
3. On Orbit#818,  Worked JE2UAZ, very difficult at Squint 0.6, MA-136.9,
Height 58,000KM. The signal quality still is not good until Squint 2.6,
MA-147, Height 57,600KM.  It gradually getting better and at Squint 5.3
MA-161, height 55,000KM , I worked PE1MPI with a very solid and strong. The
signal is getting bigger and bigger onward (even at squint > 20). And at
Squint 11, MA-185 Height 49,000KM the signal is fantastically very big.

Does it mean that at Height > 57,000KM it is very difficult to work, and
below 50,000KM it is easy?

Maybe somebody can explain what factor is really counts for AO-40
performance (seems that Squint and Height does NOT always give the same

Reinhard Sual - YB0KTQ

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