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re: Build your own AO40 Uplink antenna

I also tried searching for the missing links for this posting, with not
much luck:

    Try this link.
    I have tried the 10 element version.
    Can hear my downlink with 20watts output
    at 35k KM's..
    1.5 meter dish 2.5 turn feed..Squint 48 Deg..
    Data to RHCP them go to OZ2OE.
    Hope you find this of help..
    Also the dimensions are in mm..
    73's Etienne 

I did find an uplink antenna on a OZ2OE WWW page, but it was 18 elements,
not 10 elements:


		[there's also a link to it on http://www.qsl.net/oz2oe]

I take it the 1.5 m dish is for the downlink?  There are several pages
which have receive antennas which generally fit that description, but
what i'm interesting in is the uplink.  That's the point at which i am
currently stalled.

Since that link seems to be broken, could you please describe your antenna 
and/or provide us with a better URL?

			         -- KD6PAG
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