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Yaesu G5500 Rotor Woes

Hi Group,

A week ago my virtual new (less than 1 year old), G5500 rotor stopped
working. In fact the fuse had blown, ... visible inspection of the inside of
the controller shows no sign of burning etc, the cable looks fine, and the
rotors themselves look ok, ... at the time of the fuse blow the rotor hadn't
been used for long prolonged use, ... its only used for AO40 and updated via
software only once per minute.

Now the problem is that replacing the fuse doesn't help, ... every time a
new fuse goes in it blows instantly, ... so I guess something has failed
short. The trouble is that without having the unit powered up its hard to
find what is wrong.

Has anyone else had this problem, ... or perhaps suggest a test sequence.


Paul, VP9MU

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