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Fw: RUDAK psudo ZRO

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From: Jim White <jim@coloradosatellite.com>

>Aug 10, 2002
>We left a sort of pusdo ZRO test running.  It puts out a carrier at
>2401.864 that starts out at full power and reduces power by 3dB every 10
>seconds.  It goes down to 45 dB below the full power level.  Here at WD0E I
>can't detect the -42 and -45 signals with just a rx in SSB.  Pretty darn
>weak.  Good test of your receive capability.
>Note that some IMD products are present when this signal is at higher power
>levels.  Specifically, when just the 9k6 FM downlink is on there are IMD
>products above and below it about 53 Khz.    When the 'ZRO' carrier is also
>on additional IMD products are generated.  One is about 30 KHz below the FM
>signal, another is about 50 Khz above the FM signal.  Don't be confused by
>those.  The 'ZRO' signal is a pure carrier, no modulation.  We would like
>to hear how well the 'ZRO' signal can be heard a low levels.  Reports to
>wd0e@amsat.org please.  The 'ZRO' code will be allowed to run as much as
>possible but may not be on if that hardware is needed for other testing.

>From 06:25 UTC Aug 11  (2:25 am local time) I monitored for about 20 minutes
the ZRO signal from AO-40.  I could faintly hear the -39 db step but not
the -42 and -45.db steps However on the PSK31 waterfall a faint line could
still be seen at -43 db. but if there had been a -48 db step it would not
have shown up above the noise  AZ 134 degrees, EL 18 degrees, range 46
kilometers, off pointing angle 6.8 degrees.

Clare VE3NPC

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