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Re: Aluminium Dish Painting?

At 10:26 AM 8/10/2002 -0700, Scott Townley wrote:
>Yeah verily, paint it white or a neutral gray/blueish color.
>Don't forget to use a primer coat!
>Someone posted an experimental result awhile back that related to surface
>temperature; unfinished Al was really Really REALLY hot.  And we who live
>in the Desert can attest to that!

Flat gray or white should be fine.  The large dishes of the Deep Space
Network of NASA located at Goldstone (near Barstow, CA) in the Mojave
Desert are pained flat white!  Consider the "cooking power" of a 300-foot
dish pointed at or near the sun!

Gray has been the choice for TV-dishes for ascetic reasons...it blends into
the backgound best!

A trivial note to the above:  We painted the receiver waveguides white and
the transmitter waveguides flat black.  White kept the lines cool and black
helped radiate heat from the Tx lines (they were water cooled as
well...amazing how hot 20kW CW at 2GHz can make them!).  ...er No, we
didn't run the water inside the waveguide ;-)  3/4-inch copper tubing was
silver-soldered to the outside of the waveguide with coolant run thru them!


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