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Re: Aluminium Dish Painting?

   From: "Paul Willmott" <pwillmott@northrock.bm>
   Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 14:16:10 -0300

   > For those of you with a similar setup, have you painted the dish? Any
   > ill-effects?

   I have a pair of G3RUH dish + patch antennas, and I painted mine.

   They perform perfectly!

   I used Krylon Flat White Spray paint

   I tested a sample of paint on a piece of plastic in the microwave first, and
   it didn't get hot. So I guess didn't absorb any microwave radiation.

   Here in Bermuda my old unpainted dish used to get very very hot, ... enough
   to burn you. The new painted ones are cool to the touch even in 90 deg
   direct sunlight :^)

   So paint it FLAT white.

I second all of this, I used exactly the same paint.  I could light a
piece of paper with mine before I painted it.  After, no observable

73, doug

PS, the ITune icon looks good, with the W98 satellite dish being a
close second.  And Apogee being Away will probably stick.

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