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Re: Aluminium Dish Painting?

Paul Willmott wrote:

> > For those of you with a similar setup, have you painted the dish? Any
> > ill-effects?
> I have a pair of G3RUH dish + patch antennas, and I painted mine.
> They perform perfectly!
> I used Krylon Flat White Spray paint
> I tested a sample of paint on a piece of plastic in the microwave first, and
> it didn't get hot. So I guess didn't absorb any microwave radiation.
> Here in Bermuda my old unpainted dish used to get very very hot, ... enough
> to burn you. The new painted ones are cool to the touch even in 90 deg
> direct sunlight :^)
> So paint it FLAT white.

If you are concerned about the dish itself being hot, white would be best, but
the metal dish can get far hotter without any damage than sitting in the sun all
day (at least on this planet) will get it.  If you are trying to prevent the
feed and downconverter from getting torched if the dish happens to point at the
sun, a less reflective color would be better.  Paul did point out that white
paint should be FLAT white which will reduce the reflection towards the feed,
but the gray that someone else suggested sounds better to me.

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