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Re: Now: Mnemonic and icon wanted - Was Re: Doppler's First name?

Doug Faunt N6TQS +1-510-655-8604 wrote:

> I can never remember which is apogee and perigee.  Are there some good
> mnemonics for this?  Maybe one will work for me.

Well...periapsis and apoapsis *are* hard to remeber, if you can't 
remeber the roots.

One thing very close to the roots is periodontium, where periodontal 
disease happens, which might help you to remeber that peri- means 
"close", "around", "by" or "edge", like peri-meter being a measure close 
to the edges, boundary or surface of a figure...which is the the 
peri-phery, of course.

Apogee, on the other hand, comes from the apo- root meaning, "different" 
, or "distant". An apo-strophe takes the place of missing letters, who 
are presumably too far away to be used, while an "apo-stle" is one sent 
away or sent out to carry a message.

The AMSAT President's column is called "Apogee View", the implication 
being that you can see more from up higher...even when the president 
isn't named Seymour.

Or Nancy.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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