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For Sale: IC-375A

Hi All:

I have an IC-375A, 222 MHz. multi-mode radio for sale. The front panel looks
like new.  I replaced it several years ago because the original front panel
had gotten scratched and nicked on the front edge.

The radio came from the factory with Pass-Band tuning, but the only
remaining new front panel available from Icom at the time, was for the model
with a "Data Level" control, instead of the Pass-Band tuning.  This does not
affect the Pass-Band tuning, it still works normally.

There are a few light scratches on the sides of the radio, from moving it in
and out of my console, due to equipment that was installed beside the radio.
The top and bottom are unscratched.  Overall, the radio is in excellent
condition, physically, and electronically.  The radio has never been
operated mobile, and I am a non-smoker.

The radio includes the operator's manual, microphone, and the AC power cord.
I may still have the original box.  I have moved recently.  I will include
the box, *IF* I can find it.

The only other IC-375A that I have seen for sale in the past several months
was on the Icom reflector, and it sold for $950.  I will sell my IC-375A for

Thanks & 73,


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