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Re: Calculate Elevation

There was a government site which would plot your horizon given your 
lattitude and longitude...as I remember it was used to plot coverage for 
either FM stations or Cellular sites. For some reason it was disabled last 
year and hasn't been up since.  Sounded like a 
"legal" type problem....

If anyone knows of an operating location for this program, I would be 
interested also....



In a message dated 8/9/02 2:40:52 PM, lance@alwayssummer.com writes:

<< Hello all,

    I have been using Satscape to track the birds. So the info I have found

out about my QTH is that

I am surrounded by mountains.( I knew this with out Satscape <grin>) I have

calculated by using the sun and some of the birds that my

minimum horizon is between 18-25 deg. I am lucky from azimuth 170-230 it

goes down to 8 deg. So what I am

looking for is away to figure out the time and how long the birds are above

these minimums. >>

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