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Re: pcsat018.exe Display Help

Hi Andrea,
Thank you for your reply.  The problem I am having is that all characters
are unreadable, not just the text coming from the TNC.  All characters look
like compiled assembly language.  When the program starts, the first screen
looks like it may be a set-up or help screen.  Even this screen is
unreadable.  I think the problem is how Windows ME handles this program, but
I have not found a solution yet.

Thanks again,
Armando n8igj@amsat.org

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> Armando n8igj wrote:
> >>I am trying to run pcsat018.exe, but having a problem with the text
> >> >>showing
> >>up in undecipherable characters.
> Hola Armando,
> I know this problem and also I told to Bob wb4apr for apply in his
> setup the follow AX-25 command for initialize TNC during start-up:
> (follows commands are to put via keyboard in COMMAND mode)
> PAR 0
> and your PCSAT TLM decode software should be work very fine.
> Please let me your result
> Thank you.
> 73 de Andrea IT9GSV@amsat.org
> http://www.qsl.net/it9gsv
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