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Re: ao-40 u band uplink probs :/

Scott Elliott said:

>just noticed on the telem.
>rudak is on, yet the passband is still up.
>from what ive read, rudak and the passband dont get on too well.

Scott, I believe that you are either looking at corrupted telemetry blocks 
or misinterpreting the data.
In the STATUS window RUDAK does show power on.  It is powered on all the 
time.  If not, it loses memory and has to be completely reloaded.  This 
does not mean that RUDAK is connected to the downlink.  The downlink/uplink 
connections are in the MATRIX window.

>oh yes, and the battery charger seems to be off... :P

This is the charger for the auxiliary battery.  It is supposed to be 
off.  These cells have maximum "shelf" lifetime if left in the uncharged state.

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