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Re: A random thought...

At 12:50 AM 07-08-02 +1000, Ellis family wrote:
>Patrick raises a point that I was looking at the other day on the IARU web
>site http://www.iaru.org .
>If you look hard enough, you'll find off there the definition of the Amateur
>Radio service and the Amateur Radion Satellite Service.

These definitions are on the first page!

>In the latter case, it appears that only the satellites themselves are part
>of the AR Satellite Service. Earth stations are not, hence are still part of
>the Amateur Radio service.

Read again, please.  These are service definitions.  Reading further in the 
Radio Regulations themselves (not included in the IARU paper), you'd find 
that Earth stations are considered as operating in the -satellite services.

>Does anyone recall the discussion recently about AO-7, and its "out of the
>Amateur Satellite Service" links?
>I think I recall someone saying that if they transmitted to AO-7 then they
>were technically operating out of the Amateur Satellite Service. If the
>earth stations are not, by definition, in the Satellite Service, then the
>issue is moot. [i.e. quiet, still, void, etc] Of course, the satellite might
>be out of band.

IMHO, the matter is moot because amateur stations are normally (in most 
countries) permitted to transmit in the AO-7 passband.  If someone 
complains of interference, we'll deal with it then.  Seems unlikely.

Hope this helps.

73, art.....

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