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ITU regions

Scott Elliott wrote:

stupid question, but what is the difference between regions :).
i know (or at least think) england is reg 1, possibly the usa. but what is the difference.
also, looking at the freqs of the iss, that means that the crew have to change over freq when they are in range of a region 2/3 country, or does there little hand held allow reception on 2 freqs at the same time?

Wayne replies:

ITU region 1 is Europe, Middle East, Africa, and North Asia.
ITU region 2 is North and South America, Caribbean, Greenland.
ITU region 3 is South Asia and Oceania.

A quick search on Google found a nice map on the IARU web site:
http://www.echelon.ca/iarumsr2/ituregions.html <http://www.echelon.ca/iarumsr2/ituregions.html> 

My guess is that ISS astronauts have to change channels on the handheld radio depending on 
What region they are over.  Most likely, they put out a voice call on the global 145.8 MHz downlink, and then switch between the two uplink channels until they hear a response.  The radio probably isn't close to a window, and they couldn't necessarily tell what region they are over even if they were near a window because of clouds and/or darkness.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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