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Re: ao-40 u band uplink probs :/

just noticed on the telem.

rudak is on, yet the passband is still up.
from what ive read, rudak and the passband dont get on too well.

oh yes, and the battery charger seems to be off... :P

wonder if any of them are causing it.

just been up the mast to see if anything is wrong up there, and it looks
clear (thank god i live in a bungalow and its 10-15 ft off the ground :).

Speak to you later.
Scott Elliott
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Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 12:37 AM
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] ao-40 u band uplink probs :/

> >just wondered is anyone else having this problem or is it just me :/.
> >
> >the squint is at about 30deg, so not the best, but ive worked people on
> >35-40 with no problems.
> >
> >dont really want to get a PA for 2 reasons :), never needed one before
> >30w should be enough to get a decent ssb signal into it.
> >
> >i am still getting the beacon at a good signal, so the only obvious thing
> >the uplink, but nothing has changed :/.
> Yes, Scott, a lot of us out here are experiencing the same thing.  The
> angle problem I understand, but in the last several days signals will drop
> into the noise, suddenly, for varying periods of time.
> We had a group on the other nite, and all were experiencing the same
> The beacon remains very strong (I monitor on another receiver) at the same
> time??
> RUDAK sig strength remains the same, very, very strong anytime I've
> Anyone else explain it??
>             73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
>                     Disagree: I learn....

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