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Re: A random thought...

Patrick raises a point that I was looking at the other day on the IARU web
site http://www.iaru.org .

If you look hard enough, you'll find off there the definition of the Amateur
Radio service and the Amateur Radion Satellite Service.

In the latter case, it appears that only the satellites themselves are part
of the AR Satellite Service. Earth stations are not, hence are still part of
the Amateur Radio service.

Does anyone recall the discussion recently about AO-7, and its "out of the
Amateur Satellite Service" links?

I think I recall someone saying that if they transmitted to AO-7 then they
were technically operating out of the Amateur Satellite Service. If the
earth stations are not, by definition, in the Satellite Service, then the
issue is moot. [i.e. quiet, still, void, etc] Of course, the satellite might
be out of band.

Peter VK1KEP
Canberra, Capital city of Australia

Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 19:59:32 GMT
From: psschwarz@kellnet.com
Subject: [amsat-bb] A random thought...

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