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ao-40 u band uplink probs :/

hi there (again :P ),

just wondering why im not getting into ao-40 as well as i use to.

station specs are the same,
80cms ofset dish
30w (yaesu 736)
8 ele yagi with 20ft of heliax (spelling?)

when looking at the telem, the agc is at 1.28db, but theres not much
activity (to what i can hear) on the transponder. same with the l band

just wondered is anyone else having this problem or is it just me :/.

the squint is at about 30deg, so not the best, but ive worked people on
35-40 with no problems.

dont really want to get a PA for 2 reasons :), never needed one before and
30w should be enough to get a decent ssb signal into it.

i am still getting the beacon at a good signal, so the only obvious thing is
the uplink, but nothing has changed :/.

anyone else had this problem? :)

thanks for any ideas/info.
Speak to you later.
Scott Elliott

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