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Grids EN-57 and EN-67 to be active on UO-14

The Eagle Harbor (Michigan) Lighthouse (USA-253) Grid EN-57 will be active 
in the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend Aug. 17-18, using the 
special 1x1 call K8E. Modes of operation include HF/VHF, CW/SSB, FM 
Satellite and possible HF digital. Collectors of ARLHS numbers can get 
credit for three upon request: Eagle Harbor Lighthouse USA-253, Front Range 
Light USA-254 and Rear Range Light USA-255. QSL to N8MR with #10 SASE. Web 
page is http://www.kc8nah.com/Interests/illw02.htm

On Friday, August 16th, I will activate the rare grid EN-67 from Brockway 
Mountain (Copper Harbor), using my own call, N8MR. I will try to get on at 
least the evening East Coast pass of UO-14, using an Arrow Antenna and HTs. 
If there is a demand for this grid square, I will attempt more passes over 
different areas of the country throughout the weekend. Brockway Mountain is 
a 20 minute drive from the Eagle Harbor lighthouse. QSL to N8MR with #10 
SASE for a QSL certificate.


Mike, N8MR

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