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Re: A random thought...

>An even more interesting question would be is the satellite out of
>compliance since it's
>doppler shifted TX frequency falls outside the amateur band even though it
>is actually
>transmitting within the amateur band----I feel the same answer applies here
>as well
Doppler shirt is a characteristic of the RECEIVED signal, not the 
transmitted signal.  If the receiver happened to be in a different 
location on the planet -- or happened to be moving itself through space 
-- the Doppler shift could be significantly different, quite possibly in 
the band or possibly even further out than observed by some other 
receiver.  So technically, the satellite is within the band despite the 
fact that some might be receiving it outside the band.  But a bureaucrat 
could always argue that the licensee ought to have compensated for 
maximum possible Doppler in the design and therefore consider it out of 
compliance.  But that's a legal question, not a technical one.

Mark D. Johns, Cedar Falls, Iowa -- K0MDJ (EN32sm)
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