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Re: Help w/ AO-40

Jim Kennedy - WH6LR said:
> This morning I had a good copy on the beacon, I heard a couple of qso's
going on but when I tried to call CQ on the bird I could never find myself.
Here is my setup FT-847  antennas 70cm  M2 436CP42 U/G  down converter is
by k5gna

> I had the uplink set to 435.685 LSB  I started just above the beacon
tuning up to find myself but never did. Any suggestions?

I am doing this by memory so hopefully I have this right, but it sounds
like you were looking too high.  Remember that AO-40 (like most of the
linear transponders) is an inverting transponder.  To uplink on the beacon
(not a good thing) using the 70cm uplink, you would want to be near
435.665.  Since you wire uplinking 20 KHz above that, your downlink should
have been about 20 KHz below the beacon on the S-Band downlink.  I have a
cheater chart that I built a while ago that lists uplink and downlink
frequencies based on different MAs.  My next revision will simplify that to
KHz above or below the beacon and then where the uplink needs to be.  I
look forward to talking to you on AO-40.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Mobile Radio Operations
Southern California Edison Co.
Ofc:   626-302-8515   -   PAX   28-515
FAX:   626-302-7501   -   PAX   27-501

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