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Colloquium Quiz 2002

One of the events at the AMSAT-UK Surrey get together is the pub quiz, ....
for those who couldn't make it, .... here is this years' quiz:

Answers will be posted next week, .... sorry no prize, .... its just for

The high score on the night was 29!

The quiz:

1). What is the oldest in orbit semi-functional amateur spacecraft?

2). Amsat-Oscar-40 carries a camera experiment that is used by the
Command Team for attitude determination, it is called YACE. What does
the anacronym YACE stand for?

3). The YACE camera is off-pointing with respect to the spin axis of AO-40,
which natural object was used recently to calibrate "how" off-pointing the
camera is?

4). In AO-40 telemetry what blocks sometimes contain the Whole Orbit Data

A). A, D
B). K, L, E
C). Q
D). K, L, M, N

5). In July is the Earth closer to the Sun than in January?

6). What does TCP/IP stand for?

7). Which country is allocated the callsign series 6CA-6CZ?

8). What do the morse characters [sing it] dah-di-dah-dit  dah-dah-di-dah

9). Which amateur satellite was given the Oscar number 35?

10). What was the operational lifetime of AMSAT-OSCAR-6?

11). What was the highest frequency beacon on AMSAT-OSCAR-13?

12). What was Doppler's first name?

13). How many moons orbit Mars?

14). What are "Hammer-Aitoff", "Mercator", and "Mollweide" collectively
known as?

15). Who wrote in 1950:

"THE ROCKET motor is unique among prime movers in two respects - its
independence of any
external medium, and its ability to generate colossal thrusts and powers"?

16). What was the first spacecraft to orbit Mars?

17). In what year was INTELSAT's first satellite (Early Bird) launched?

18). The first US satellite, Explorer 1 discovered the Van Allen radiation
Was it launched in (A) January 1958 or (B) February 1958?

19). Which Apollo mission was crewed by Scott, Irwin & Worden?

20). In what US state was Robert Hutchings Goddard professor of physics when
BEGAN experimenting with rockets?

21). Is a "jacobi" a measure of (A) electric resistance or (B)
radiation flux density?

22). A hubble is an obsolete unit of distance used in astronomy. Does one
hubble equal
9.46052973 x 10 to the power 24 metres - yes or no?

23). Was the obsolete British unit of length - "The Iron" employed in the
measurement of
(A) Railway/Railroad tracks or (B) Shoes?

24). What amateur satellite has the NORAD/NASA catalog number of 07530?

25). What amateur satellite has the NORAD/NASA catalog number of 26609?

26). In 1998 Bryan Burrough wrote a book called "Dragonfly". Which orbital
was the setting for this book?

27). In IPS what is the result of 1 2 + DUP +

28). What is the oldest satellite built at the University of Surrey still in
[ and working ]?

29). What does the appreviation "WOD" stand for?

30). In the AO-40 telemetry stream what block usually follows a K,L,M,N or E

31). Since January 1, 1972, most and now all broadcast time services
timescales based upon the redefined Coordinated Universal Time, which
from TAI (Atomic Time) by an integer number of seconds. What is the
abbreviation of
Coordinated Universal Time?

32). What does the abbreviation DOVE, as in DOVE-OSCAR-17 stand for?

33). In what year was UoSAT-Oscar-11 launched?

34). Which was launched first (A) AMSAT-OSCAR-7 or (B) Pioneer 11?

35). In mythology was Ariane a (1) Greek or (2) Roman heroine?

36). The US space probe Pioneer 12 was renamed before launch to what?

37). In what year did the comet Shoemaker-Levy-9 crash into Jupiter?

38). To what email address should everyone send in their AO-40 telemetry

39): Who is the baddy in the new Scooby Doo movie?

40). What is the full name of the organization known as "NOAA"?

Tie Break: How many degrees does the Earth rotate in one sidereal day?

As usual all mistakes are mine, and my word is final!

Paul, VP9MU, G6KCV

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