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OSCAR-11. Night Time Telemetry wanted from Southern Hemisphere

While OSCAR-11 is transmitting only telemetry on 145.826 MHz, I would
like to obtain about two minutes of telemetry at the end of an eclipse.
This would enable me to compare the battery measurements with some taken
many years ago.

My calculations indicate that the receiving station needs to be around
Latitude 80 deg South, ie a very remote part of the world! Probably an
impossible request, however night-time telemetry from Southern
Australia, Southern New Zealand, or Southern South America would also be
of interest, although it wouldn't catch the end of the eclipse period.  

If anyone on  this list can help, or suggest a contact for this part of
the world, it would be much appreciated.  There would be no need to
decode the telemetry as a sound file would be suitable.  However, please
do not send any files, without initial discussions.

	      Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.
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