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FT-847 problem.

FT-847 owners,
I have an instability problem with my FT-847 and wonder if
anyone else has had it, or more to the point anyone ideas on
fixing it.
It sounds like a sharp click sometimes followed by a rather
rude noise every few seconds.
The problem seems to only appear on the 70cm band when
receiving between approx. 448.5 and 451.4MHz
It's there on USB, LSB and AM but not FM. Quite often it can
be stopped by switching to FM then back to SSB, however
pressing the PTT or switching the radio off and on again
restarts it.
The speed of these clicks can be made faster by setting the
AGC on FAST. The problem can be stopped by backing off the
RF gain control about 30 deg.
Removing the internal top shield that the speaker is mounted
in does seem to change the speed of the offending noise,
however checking all plugs and obvious earth points has no
I have the technical service manual for the radio and would
be happy to check out any constructive ideas.
Post any relevant info direct to above address please.
      Regards Tony.

 Aust. ARISS Co-ordinator
 Visit my web site at: http://www.electric-web.org

 J.A.(Tony) Hutchison. VK5ZAI
 P.O. Box 216, PARINGA. 5340.
 South Australia.
 Grid.QF05jt: AMSAT Aust..#799
 Member of AMSAT-NA....#33418

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