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Re: RUDAK DSP weak signal test

At 07:30 UTC on 08/03/02 I detected a steady carrier form AO-40
that was approximately 20 kHz below the peak RUDAK signal.
The MA was 203, the range 45400 km and the offpointing angle
16 degrees. The signal was week but clearly audible above the
noise.  A steady slowly shifting carrier was clearly visible on a
PSK-31 waterfall dissplay. I also detected what appear to be
week RUDAK sidebands? about 50 Khz above and below the
main RUDAK sugnal. Recieving with a home built 1.2 meter
dish with helix feed and DEM low noise preamp and converter.

Clare VE3NPC

>From: Jim White <

>At the end of the RUDAK window today we left one of the DSP modulators on
>generating a signal 33 dB below the 9k6 FSK signal at 11.1 MHz in the IF
>passband.  At the WD0E station I can detect that carrier consistently at
>the beginning of the RUDAK window or a range of about 52k km. Of course as
>the range drops it's much easier to hear.

>This is a pretty weak signal and if you can detect it you are hearing
>pretty well.  Of course it's in the digital passband only during the RUDAK
>We will try to leave it on while we continue testing the other DSP

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