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Re: Carrier on XM or Sirius Satellite

"3.1415926535897932384626433832795028" wrote:

> I have been looking at the digital carriers from the XM and Sirius
> satellites. There appears to be a very strong carrier right in the middle of
> the digital carrier. The frequency is around 2338.744 MHz +/- 5KHz. It
> sounds like a wobbly carrier. It is extremelly strong using a standard
> AIDC-3731 converter. The output is around 82.744 SSB. Can someone confirm
> this signal is actually there and not in my shack? I have too many
> microwaves in here. If it is there then we can use it to peak antennas etc.

    Sorry, but I don't think it's XM at least not the satellite.  I pointed
right at XM-2 and when listening to 60.75 (I still have a 123 MHz IF for 2401),
I got a very strong signal just like you received.  Only problem is that it does
not change much when moving the antenna all over the place.  I did however find
that it went away when I powered off the downconverter.  If it is XM, I'm more
inclined to believe it's the gound repeaters.  I'm going to have to dig out the
XM frequencies (I have them around here somewhere).

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