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Help Identify Carrier at 2338.75 MHz from XM satellites

It looks like this carrier might actually be at 2338.75 and coming from the
XM satellites. Can anyone confirm?



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Subject: Carrier on XM or Sirius Satellite

> I have been looking at the digital carriers from the XM and Sirius
> satellites. There appears to be a very strong carrier right in the middle
> the digital carrier. The frequency is around 2338.744 MHz +/- 5KHz. It
> sounds like a wobbly carrier. It is extremelly strong using a standard
> AIDC-3731 converter. The output is around 82.744 SSB. Can someone confirm
> this signal is actually there and not in my shack? I have too many
> microwaves in here. If it is there then we can use it to peak antennas
> Regards,
> Pieter Ibelings
> N4IP

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