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I am not able to copy my PSK31 on the AO40 downlink when using the L1 or L2
RTTY works GREAT on both the L1 & L2 uplinks.
I varied the RF output and audio level to make sure it was linear -- still
VERY poor copy.
I have checked my CW tone on the L1 & L2 uplink and it rough and warbles (no
AC hum).
Is it my IC1275 up link radio that is unstable or is it the L1 & L2
receivers ???????
I have not come up with a way of checking the IC1275 --  yet.
Bottom line QUESTION ---------------
HAS ANYONE USED the L1 or L2 uplink on PSK31 with good results
>From what little I know about PSK31,  TX and/or transponder instability
might mess it up
since it uses some kind of phase shift modulation.
Suggestions are welcome.

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