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1/4"3m ribbon helix reply to replies

Well, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction!!!!
I mustered some descent on that -bb posting..
I have loved the 3m copper ribbon helix concept, but have had bad luck with
On the PVC, I gave the PVC the microwave Oven test and it passed well, but
the result stunk.
On the portable, I take note of the fact that my dual helix went from bad to
great with addition of the #10 wire suppered on the 1/4" tape.
The comment that the surface area is what counts interests me. In the case
of the 1/4" 3m tape, that is 1 mil thick, the "area" that faces the wave
front is only 1mil thick. Am I to understand that the "diameter of the
radiating conductor" is only important in terms of the total surface area,
or the surface area facing the wave front direction?
I noted with interest the wonderful pictures of foil helixes that I assume
work well.
When I get some time, I must start over and see if I can come up with some
better results. For the time being, for me, it is #10 or larger wire.
Gunther Meisse

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