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Re: AO-40 at perigee

Bdale Garbee wrote:
>dbwoodw@abraxis.com (Don Woodward) writes:
> > Is there a RUDAK for Dummies somewhere? I'd like to learn how I can use it.
>I made a presentation at the AMSAT-UK Colloquium last weekend about RUDAK,
>the slides I used are available now alongside my other recent talks on various
>subjects at
>         http://www.gag.com/~bdale/talks
>The short version is that RUDAK operation remains focussed on supporting the
>experimental payloads on AO-40, and the RUDAK uplinks have not been made
>available for general use yet.
>Beyond that, I'm hoping to get an update together for www.amsat.org shortly,
>and we're hoping to have several RUDAK-related presentations at the AMSAT-NA
>annual meeting this fall.
>73 - Bdale, KB0G

At the same time Bdale was giving his AMSAT-UK talk Steve Fraser, 
sfraser@sierra.apana.org.au, was putting together a much needed AO-40 FAQ 
the link to which he posted to amsat-bb last week.  The RUDAK team got 
together and greatly expanded the info Stave had collected on RUDAK and has 
provided that to him.  I understand he is waiting for some updates to other 
sections before updating the entire text.  I hope it will answer most if 
not all current questions about RUDAK and its future.  Perhaps Steve can 
also update the RUDAK section with info from Bdale's talk.


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