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Hi Jim,

I've asked the following questions addressed to AMSAT.ORG with nary an answer.

Some of them are my own requests, but most of them are notes I've scribbled
from requests from various sources.  If you've relayed a question to me, and it
is not repeated here, please add it to the list.

In no particular order:

1.      Just what will "Joe Ham" be able to do with RUDAK when it becomes 
         for general use?

2.      Will any special equipment be required other than the 9600 baud 
modems that
         most of us have available?

3.      Is there any estimate of when it will be available to Joe Ham?

4.      My personal understanding is that it is a high speed method of 
         We certainly transferred tons of data on the low orbit birds with 
the few minutes
         we had available for the 9600 baud birds.  Why does the initial 
testing take
         ~2 hours every pass to complete that testing/set-up?

5.      Once Joe Ham gets to use it will the RUDAK session still be alloted 
the same amount
         of time for operations as the prime time used for testing?

6.      Rumors have it that it is a "Good ol' Boy Toy".  If that statement 
proves to be true
         should not the "prime time" be proportional to the users.  If 
there is one "Good ol'
         Boy" for 100 Joe Hams, should not the same amount of "prime time" 
be allotted?

Our present nets are rife with questions similar to the above.  I guess 
people pick me
out of the coordinators list, and I get similar questions in personal messages.
Please help all of us...thank you

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

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