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Re: AO-40 Schedule Update

Hi Vince,

I also use a TS790 for my  L-band xmitter, and while I have made contacts
using 10 watts, I don't think you will be happy with that power level. I
find that it takes at least 20 watts, at the antennas, to get acceptable
result under most conditions. And at that level you will still not be as
strong as you could be on UHF. But, the compensation is that LEILA will  not
be jumping on you for every little transgression, hi...

Also, as far as not being able to work the VHF uplink if you have a
downconvertor with a 144 IF output, well, that's not entirely correct. You
may not be able to do it if you are using only one radio, but if you use a
second receiver, it's not a problem.I find that with my Transystem
downconvertor, I don't get any desense at all when I try to use the VS mode,
running about 40 watts into a 4 element Yagi on 144 Mhz. I'm using an old
Kenwood TS-711 as my main receiver for mode S, and just use my TS-790 for

See you on there..



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