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Re: AO-40 Schedule Update

Hi Vince,

I just worked AO-40 under the new schedule, and I must say that signals were
better than I've heard them for quite awhile. Had some nice qso's during the
period around apogee, and signals were very good.

 I was using L1 for the uplink, and found no problem with putting in a good
signal with about 25 watts into  a pair of 35 element M2 yagis , linear
polarized. In fact, I took some time to do some tests, and was able to hear
my own cw returns with only .025 watts at the antennas, and was able to see
my carrier signal, using Spectran dsp soundcard software,  at least another
6 db below that level. Hard to tell the exact power level, since the needle
on the wattmeter wasn't moving, hi.

Just using a 34'/86cm. dish with K3TZ-stule homebuilt patch and Transystem
3731 downconvertor, so you can see the rx system is nothing extraordinary.

So, it looks like this current schedule is very user-friendly. And we always
need more folks on L-band, so come on up and join us....



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