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Re: go ahead for P3-E and P5-A

On Sun, 28 Jul 2002 19:46:01  
 kgshutt wrote:
>This announcement has prompted me to join AMSAT-DL.
>de Ken - K5GUU


Congrats on joinint AMSAT DL.  What the naysayers do not realize in stark technical terms is that ALL of the phase III birds have had a significant delta V capability.  Gordon Woodcock, then of Boeing calculated that Phase III C (AO-13) had enough propulsion capability to put that bird from GTO all the way to Lunar Orbit.  The Bi-prop propulsion system on the Phase III birds is "world class" in capabilities.  The fact that one out of four of them did not work completely is a testament to the dedication of the volunteers rather than an indictment for the one failure.

Amateur radio operators need to wake up and smell the coffee here.  We keep the frequencies that we have ONLY because the Amateur Radio Service is percieved to add more value to society than auctioning these frequencies off to the PCS and broadband packet data commercial industry.  Rag chewing ain't advancing the radio art as much as any of us may enjoy that.  

The other day on Tech TV GPRS was hailed as a great advance and Amateur radio and APRS was given its just due as the precursor technology.  It is this type of continuing experimentation that is absolutely necessary in order to maintain the frequencies that we enjoy today. 

Now many may think that a Mars mission does not do this.  It might not, but what if there were communications packages on the bird that help to open up new weak signal data communications?  How valuable would that be to industry?  Something that could never be done in the commercial world today due to the cost.

We need to keep an open mind and if AMSAT NA members want to donate that is great.  It is totally in keeping with the spirit of Hiriam Percy Maxim and his great experimentation in the art.

As for the launch, somebody send me a personal email with the specs of the proposed bird in private email.  I am having a meeting tomorrow with a company that may be able to offer you guys a free launch in a couple or three years.

Dennis Ray Wingo

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