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Re: Prototype Single Line Format


What you're seeing isn't criticism directed at you.  It's the fact
that the crappy bloated software that Microsoft has managed to get
everyone to use these days can't do the simple job of displaying email
messages as well as the stuff I was using on computers literally 20
years ago.  Many folks think it's wonderful that you can use HTML in
email messages, blinking text and all sorts of other visual clutter.
That's fine for those that want to use it; but the email user agent
software should take the minimal ASCII-only plain text messages, like
we used 20 years ago, and display it in an unsurprising way, which is
mono-spaced fonts.  For all the features that MicroSoft LookOut has,
simple, minimal, backwards compatible with the rest of the world
display is apparently way too difficult to make available for the
poor end-user.

If you think about it, if there's not font specified, how could your
email user agent possibly pick the "right" proportionally spaced font
to display the message?  

The fact that this is so difficult to do, as you're finding out, is a
problem with the software, not the message or content that you were
trying to make available to people.  Please don't take offense; I
think the dismay ("sad commentary if we have to use PDF") is 
intended for the software many people use, and the world we find
ourselves in today.


> Gosh Maggie, I didn't mean to start so much crap.
> I never suggested PDF. My only point was that its difficult to get
> things to line up properly when trying to "draw" columns in ASCII
> given that text readers will be different across a group of 3000
> people. The only way that I know of to make absolute certain that
> everyone sees the data as the author intended is using PDF or
> converting it to an image.
> I wasn't suggesting, however, that it be done.
> The ANS editor asked for feedback and my big mistake was in sending it
> to the list instead of direct.
> Good Gawd I hope that I wasn't as insufferable as most of the folks on
> this BB back when I used to think Linux was the greatest thing since
> sliced bread....
> Sorry I brought it up.
> Jeff
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> Jeff Davis wrote:
> > In PDF or RTF this might be a good idea. In ASCII format it is
> pretty
> > much scrambled eggs and hurts my eyes to look at it.
> Jeff, display it with a monospaced font like Lucida Console.
>   73 de Maggie K3XS, who thinks it's a sad commentary
> if we have to use PDF to get text columns to line up for
> the Outlook users. The rest of us aren't having trouble with it.
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