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Re: go ahead for P3-E and P5-A

>From: "Robert Oler" <cvn65vf94@msn.com>
>I dont think that the project should be on amateur frequencies anyway...I 
>would also support AMSAT NA committing to funding nothing of these projects 


Would it surprize you to know that the surface/orbit radio on Mars Global
Surveyor launched in 1996 and currently orbiting Mars is located on 437.1
MHz?  JPL-NASA actually solicited ham radio help in characterizing the
radio when at a distance ten times the Moon!  Several hams succeeded in
picking up the signal (and received a neat mgs qsl card).

If indeed the P5A is on 10 GHz that's 500 MHz of bandwidth to play
in...although more hams will likely be popuating the band (Hurrah!) they
woil congregate around foavorite freq. out of desire to talk to someone:
currently wbfm is 10,250/10,280 MHz and cw/ssb is 10,368 MHz.

Sorry if you disapprove, but the ITU is restricted to Earth as far as I
understand it.  Doubful that internat'l treaty has addressed Mars
Communications.  Yes, there are earth-based freq. reservations for space


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