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Re: go ahead for P3-E and P5-A


Well I heard "men are from Mars...women from...."?

Seriously, when I read the news release for phase-5A, I thought "this is
not a ham mission...sounds like a scientific one".  Thus my thoughts
confirmed!  However, it appears to use earth-based ham frequencies, so
there will be an opportunity to test your "weak-signal" receiving skill
similar to the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) mission in 1996.  MGS utilizes
437.1 for surface-to-orbit communications at Mars and JPL-NASA enlisted
hams help to characterize the system when it reached 10 million km from
earth!  It was quite a challenge for hams but several rose to the challenge
(required 20 dBic antenna system, and used FFTDSP-42 software for 2Hz
narrow band DSP detection) and succeeded in copying the beacon carrier!
They now have the MGS QSL card and happy memories as reward!

Of course the signal from Mars orbit is way too weak for ham-class stations
to detect.  Hmm, with all the nearly free big old satellite-TV dishes
available now...maybe make an array of ten-twenty of them as a Mars
Station..."beam up Scotty!"...won't that impress the neighbors!

Keep dreaming and scheming!

proud of my mgs qsl card
BTW the mgs challenge is what caught my imagination rekindled my ham
activity after several dormant years!

At 08:45 AM 7/26/2002 -0400, Margaret Leber wrote:
>Reinhard Richter wrote:
>> as far as I know, the MARS mission project P5A will not be financed
>> through AMSAT-DL but through other sources. I will ask DB2OS to clarify
>When the subject of geosynchronous amateur satellites comes up,
>it's always pointed out that there would not be international support for
>such a bird because it could be used only by hams in the footprint.
>Following that logic, it seems clear that Phase 5 birds will be 
>supported by AMSAT-Mars. :-)
>  73 (es hi hi just kidding) de Maggie K3XS
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