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Re: Re: Multi channel FM birds

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, John Becker wrote:

> Someone said:
> Umm, Bob, we're not all going to be using Kenwoods.  If that's a requirement
> of this new bird, looks like I'm not going to be on it. :(
> Or me....

I think you are not following the thread.   No requirement at all,  I only
said I wrote a program to auto tune my HT  (the only one with a serial
port and remote control (which happens to be a kenwood)) and the only
purpose of that control was to automatically tune to each satelite in view
and to also account for doppler for casual monitoring during the day of
any satelite in view.  It had nothing to do with the multi-channel mode B
system we are considering...

Duing a pass, of a mode B FM bird, Doppler tuning is only a single click
of the down button once.  I would not go so far as to say, that
automating that single button push is a "requirement"...


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