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RE: Multi channel FM birds

On Thu, 25 Jul 2002, Tony Langdon wrote:

> > required for LEO's.  I am amazed that more tracking software does not
> > do the simple LEFT-RIGHT (two-bits on the printer port) AZ control for
> > the simple Radio Shack Rotaotrs (or any 24v AC rotator)... like APRStk
> This doesn't address the Doppler issues raised previously (and don't say
> "Kenwood" - paying close to a grand in our dollars just to work one bird
> isn't quite going to fly - parden the pun).

I guess I dont get your point..  Its only a single 5 KHz step to tune for
doppler on the 2m FM downlink.  And since the mission we are targeting is
for use in school classrooms and demos and HT's and Mobiles, we assume
there is a real live HAM at the 5 KHz knob ready and able to switch the
knob down 5 KHz in the middle of the pass.

THis teaches the kids about Doppler...

> idea! :)  Only problem is I don't have a machine suitable for running low
> level DOS programs on.

Thats my point.  Thats why I said it amazes me why someone a lot smarter
than I hasn't  written the two-bit parallel port control into a windows
program so that newbee's dont have to buy $500 rotator systems to do what
an $64 rotator from radio shack can do...

de WB4APR, Bob

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