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Re: 5400 south centered scale

At 13:57 23/07/2002 -0700, you wrote:

>>A JPG for a south centered scale for the Yeasu/Kenpro 5400 is available 
>>at the following URL
>>Print it to a self-adhesive label, remove the original scale, stick it on 
>>the back, re-assemble with the new one outwards.
>>You can put the scale back the right way round if you ever sell the 
>>rotator on.
>>You will of course have to set the aerials south at the center point.
>>The north centered scale isn't much use in the northern hemisphere, where 
>>we mostly rotate through south.
>>Hi John,
>Thank you for that...much nicer than the ones I've done!!  Now I've got to 
>figure out how
>to reduce it to print the right size...
>tnx agn....

The original scale was scanned at 600  DPI before I edited it. The image is 
1547 pixels wide, so it is 2.58". this multiplied by 2.54 equals 65.53mm, 
so go into your graphics program, select print properties, and set width to 
65.53mm, or if set by pixels to 1547. ensure that the maintain aspect ratio 
is selected ( paintshop pro ), or if your graphics prog has allow 
distortion ( picture publisher ), it is un ticked. Print it out, it should 
be exact size.

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