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Re: Pro FM birds!

Gave a small talk on the ease of using APRS and PCSAT/ISS a couple
of weeks ago to a small local club. As a result I see a few of the
persons in attendance using ISS and PCSAT now.
Simple equipment requirements snagged a few more ops and potential
AMSAT/TAPR members.
ARES EC dropped me an email a couple of days ago, wants me to give
a talk/demo about APRS/ARES/PCSAT/ISS possibilites and use(s)
Like it or not FM Sat's are a great intro in AMSAT and other fields,
and thus seem the logical choice when rebuilding AMSAT/TAPR membership.
Lots of room for other sats as well, but lets get the interest and
numbers up with the LEO and easier FM stuff first.
Just my two cents.




on 7/23/02 10:23 PM, 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028 at
sietetrescincoprimo@hotmail.com wrote:

> We could call such a satellite Skipsat. The deviation would have to be kept
> small so that it does not cause bleeding. The power would have to be low so
> that it does not blow the windows out. Operators would have to run big power
> so that they don't get walked on. Radios would have to be fitted with
> sliders to tune your good buddies in. The foot warmer would have to be on
> all the time so that they don't call you a mud duck. AM would work better
> because it swings more than FM.
> I thin

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