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Re: Pro FM birds!

Yes, there's a lot of discussion on what AMSAT-NA should be doing next
on this list.  The membership to some extent gets to guide this by
how they decide to contribute funding.  The membership also gets to actively
guide this by choosing how to actively contribute to the work of
building new capability.  

So, you've got both the $$$ and the "sweat-equity" aspects of contributing
to the organization.

For myself, I'm pondering what I would preceive is a certain lack of focus
or direction in AMSAT-NA's mission.  It's clear that you can't have lots of
different types of projects underway because it fragments the available
resources (both intellectual assets as well as funding.)   How many is
the right number?

A related question is what types of activities does AMSAT-NA see itself as
taking a primary role, as compared to leaving to other organizations?  I
think a wonderful example of this is Bob's PCSAT project.  

Should AMSAT-NA be more on the cutting edge of new technologies, modes,
bands, etc., and leave that which has been done before to others?   I
dunno; that approach might also fragment the $$$ resources too much.


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