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Re: RE: Pro FM birds!

Joe, the following comments are very well said, all of us "old timers"
have been basically the same route, and I'll help anyone I can at any time.
I've been licensed for over 50 years, on the satellites over 25 (O7), and
I think 99% of us share your philosophy ..........

>Ralph -
>Please stay with the group. There are those hams who have the sense of
>superiority because their system is more complex, ergo their skills are
>higher. Maybe they need to stand on someone else to make themselves feel
>taller, rather than stand beside them as equals...who knows. It's always
>easier to be a critic.

>OK. You have all made yourself clear. I was having fun on the FM birds.
>Was actually thinking of expanding beyond this. Joining AMSAT, maybe. Now
>that I
>have found out that this makes me a leper, I'm no longer interested.

BUT  his "Joining AMSAT, maybe" looks as tho he's another that wants to be
spoon fed...I bet dollars to donuts that no one spoon fed you, and you
survived....let them put their money where there mouth is...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

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