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Re: RE: Pro FM birds!


Please stick around - not everyone here is "insulting" - and those who are,
probably are just joking. And for those who are not joking - well just ignore

Although I've been a ham more than 10 years, I've only been into satellites a
little over a year, slowly building my station little by little with advice from
the fine people on this list. There's no way I could have done it without their
advice and direction.

Last year the AMSAT meeting was here in Atlanta near my home. Although I only
knew a few people over the air, I went down and even made a presentation on
AO-40 24GHz operation. This presentation was based solely on information I had
obtained from the experts via email. I think there was a fine exchange of
information that day about AO-40 24GHz operation despite the fact that none of
the experts on 24GHz could attend. Their generosity and patience in sharing
their expertise via email previous to the presentation allowed me to make a
presentation on something I had very little previous knowledge about. This
spurred a side interest in microwaves, and I'm in the process of converting a
10GHz "White Box" for amateur use.

BTW, for those who knock CB - I got into ham radio because of a CB antenna on my
car. Yes, one day at work over 10 years ago, when I pulled into the parking lot
a gentleman came up to me and said "let me help you find something better to
talk on". I explained to him I wasn't using it to talk on, but it was being used
as a scanner antenna to monitor public service frequencies. I told him I had
tried to study Morse-code and just couldn't get it. He gave me the Novice
material and told me about a new "no-code" technician license that was soon to
be available. A few weeks later he told me about a class was being formed and I
signed up and got my license. That was my Elmer - Morgan Mitchell.

Well here it is now, over 10 years later. Out of all my ham experiences,
satellite has been the most rewarding and exciting - AMSAT as an organization
and the people of that organization have been very helpful in making it that

If I can assist you in any way in this hobby, please don't hesitate to ask.

Hope to work you on the birds!


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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7/23/2002 3:21:55 PM, "Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL" <vlfiscus@mcn.net> wrote:
>Bob, Why not design it to be an AM Bird and downlink it on "11 meters",
>this would give you 40 channels of QSO space.  27.185 mHz could be your
>calling frequency or the APRS channel. Satellite operators on this bird
>could initiate a call by saying something like: 'CQ Breaker, CQ Breaker.'

OK.  You have all made yourself clear.  I was having fun on the FM birds.
Was actually thinking of expanding beyond this.  Joining AMSAT, maybe. Now that
have found out that this makes me a leper, I'm no longer interested.  You guys
fun doing whatever it is that you do.  It's clearly not what *I* do, and I'm not
that interested in joining an organization that has members who are this

Good that you have this little private club.  Good also that you're not
in cultivating new members. You could have had ME.

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