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Re: RE: Pro FM birds!

Ralph -

Please stay with the group. There are those hams who have the sense of
superiority because their system is more complex, ergo their skills are
higher. Maybe they need to stand on someone else to make themselves feel
taller, rather than stand beside them as equals...who knows. It's always
easier to be a critic.

Point is, enjoy YOUR hobby. Don't let elitists inhibit you. For what it's
worth, the current discussion on FM satellites lead me to TRY the FM birds
today - the FIRST time I've ever operated on an FM satellite, and I got
quite a thrill! I've worked the LEO birds, loved AO-13, and have a fairly
nice setup on AO-40. The FM bird today (UO14) was a kick! I talked to two
other Alaskan hams, plus Idaho and Washington in the short pass - and yes,
it was on FM! I'm now tracking the other FM birds to see if I can get
satellite WAS FM. I've been a ham for 41 years - and this was as big a kick
as all the other "firsts" I've done. Come to think of it, when I talked to
the Cosmonauts on MIR, and the Astronauts on the Space Shuttle - I used FM -
so I guess this is NOT the first time I've done it. But it was a THRILL
nonetheless. Hey, if it's good enough for NASA, It's good enough for me.

If you have access to the current AMSAT journal, you'll see discussions
about the use of FM on the forthcoming Eagle satellite. There will be others
 Enjoy the hobby as you see fit - don't let those with nothing else to do
drive you away from this reflector, AMSAT, or the hobby. We need the
diversity of opinions and value your participation. Hope to see you around.


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From: Ralph D'Andrea
Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 20:04:39
To: amsat-bb@amsat.org; Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL
Subject: Re: RE: [amsat-bb] Pro FM birds!

7/23/2002 3:21:55 PM, "Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL" <vlfiscus@mcn.net> wrote:
>Bob, Why not design it to be an AM Bird and downlink it on "11 meters", 
>this would give you 40 channels of QSO space. 27.185 mHz could be your 
>calling frequency or the APRS channel. Satellite operators on this bird 
>could initiate a call by saying something like: 'CQ Breaker, CQ Breaker.'

OK. You have all made yourself clear. I was having fun on the FM birds.
Was actually thinking of expanding beyond this. Joining AMSAT, maybe. Now
that I 
have found out that this makes me a leper, I'm no longer interested. You
guys have 
fun doing whatever it is that you do. It's clearly not what *I* do, and I'm
that interested in joining an organization that has members who are this

Good that you have this little private club. Good also that you're not
in cultivating new members. You could have had ME.

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