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Re: AO-40 ordering antennas, downconverters


I have a 3731 from K5GNA, and am quite happy with it.  Due to my location 
(on the north side of a ridge), I operate protable, and only dream of such 
a large dish!   I use an old Dish Network dish with a 5 3/4 turn helix 
feed, and have had much fun.

I have not paid much attention to squint, perhaps I have just been lucky to 
have low squint when I have attempted to operate!

Enjoy the bird!

Paul W4SKI

At 05:51 PM 7/23/02 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm ready to purchase my AO-40 antenna and downconverter and wondered if you
>might comment on this set-up. I finally settled on a modified Transystem
>AIDC-3731 downconverter from Bob, K5GNA and a 3 foot dish from Glenn, N3IYR.
>Glenn's dish comes ready to go with feed and mount and I'm told all that's
>needed to put it all together is a double-male N.
>I would assume that the narrow beamwidth of the 3 ft dish might be a bit
>more sensitive when aiming at the bird, but I'm hopping that the 4db of
>additional gain over the 2ft model is worth the compromise, especially when
>squint angle is large. The spill-over characteristics are very important for
>a quiet RX at 2.4ghz and I'm told this feed/dish combination is.
>The Transystem downconverter with 37db gain and 1db NF seems to compare well
>with the SSB Electronics UEK 3000 converter and it's a lot cheaper.
>Any comments on this set-up and antenna alignment/mounting tips welcomed.
>Thanks for all your help.
>73, Tony - AA2AE
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