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RE: Pro FM birds!

Hi Folks,

With the anti FM bird comments that keep showing up I want to tell why I
like the FM birds....

While I'd agree that the FM satellites are nice and easy to work, especially
with limited equipment, I still feel frustrated when half a dozen others are
all keying at once - all on one "channel".  I'm not a great fan of "Mike
zero..ZZzzzzZZ...five nine..ZZZzzzzzZZ" as a form of QSO, but at the same
time I guess you've made the trip if you get some kind of response.

Having thought a bit about this (and noticing that there is going to be more
than one "channel" on future FM satellites), I was wondering if an FM
passband would be possible.  Most equipment will support 12.5KHz spacing, so
how about a 200KHz FM passband - 200/12.5 = 16 possible QSO's.

Is this a regulatory problem, or just a practical one?  Food for thought non
the less...



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