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Re: South centered G5400???

   From: "John Wilcox" <ns1z@midmaine.com>
   Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 10:01:55 -0000

   I sure would like to find a program that would allow me to create a new
   scale for my '5400 controller. My Az/El system is a combination of G-450A,
   G-500 rotors and G-5400 controller. Since the 450A rotates 450 degrees, my
   meter scale is pencilled in with azimuths that are only approximate. Any

What people have done for other meters is to scan or photocopy the
original meter scale, change it, print it, and glue it to the orginal
scale, and reinstall.

This, of course, requires a meter you can disassemble (can the G5400
ones be taken apart reasonably easily?), and some computer skills and
hardware.  And time.  It'd be easier if someone else had already done
some of this.

The obvious easy answer for YOU is get a meter for one of the newer
G5500s, which do 450 degree azimuths.

73, doug
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