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RE: batteries

Dr. Tom Clark wrote:

...new technology is happening every day and the old folks (me
included) who were involved years ago need to be replaced. AMSAT certainly
could use a resident "poobah on the mountaintop" "Battery guru" to help make
sensible decisions in the future. Would you be willing to become the expert?

People have asked how to get "hired" by AMSAT. The answer is to identify a
problem and take the responsibility for solving it.

Wayne replies:

I do have an interest in the subject of batteries, and even some professional experience with the subject of battery life and charging algorithms in terrestrial radio applications.  I'm willing to do some research on the topic.  I'm certain that other entities have already researched the possibility of using Lithium battery technology in space.  So the first step is to obtain that body of research.

To become more generically useful to AMSAT on the topic of batteries I would need significant self-education on the topic of space-rated materials, the launch environment, space environment, sun/eclipse characteristics of various orbits, and probably several other subjects I haven't thought of yet.  I'm willing to do some research and see where it leads me.  I will let you know what I learn.  In the mean time, you may add me to the volunteer list as someone who is willing and hopefully able to embark on the path towards becoming an AMSAT "battery guru".  I would welcome any references to information about the "space environment" to help me get started.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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