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Re: batteries

Larry Kayser wrote, regarding satellite batteries:

Look at AO-11/UOSAT 2, 70,000 + orbits and 18+ years and working 
great.  Problem solved

Wayne replies:

I think the original question was more about battery "performance" than battery reliability.  Surely it would be desirable to use utilize the dramatically higher energy density of new battery technologies IF it could meet all reliability requirements.  If Lithium Polymer cells could be demonstrated to work reliably in the charge/discharge environment of a satellite, why wouldn't we want double the capacity with half the weight and volume?

Lithium cells require charging regimes that might not be well suited to solar charging in space.  Perhaps there is a long list of considerations that make Lithium cells unsuitable for use in space.  But the original question was reasonable: Can new cell technology such as Lithium Polymer be used in future satellites?

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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